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So much to see and do. Milton is ideally located for visitors and tourists to the South Coast travelling from Sydney to Melbourne, or just on a journey of discovery. Our guests are charmed with the beautiful beaches, the majestic rural area and the unusual ‘locals’.
A short stroll from Mrs Top’s will find excellent restaurants, cafés, clubs, galleries and a variety of unique shops.

The area has historic buildings, dairies, vineyards, farmhouses, churches and old-world cottages that invite you to explore the work of artisans and craftsmen. World renowned beaches and beautiful bushland. Scenery that delights photographers and artists; historic buildings, country pubs, green hills, crystal clear beaches, beautiful views of the Budawangs and the famous Pigeon House Mountain. Explore the local villages, delight yourself in the simple beauty there is around us. Any season for any reason you will not be disappointed. 

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